Run #5: Jess Can’t Copy-Paste Vurr Well

I keep writing my updates in Notepad and then accidentally pasting over them.  And since Notepad only has one “undo,” it’s like NAWP, CANNOT RETRIEVE ENTRY.  We can delete and re-type the letter “A” over and over, though!  Are you into that?  Is that helpful?

“hey jess have you considered using a real text editor?” I HAVE MY REASONS, THEORETICAL FRENEMY.

Sooooo all the junk I wrote about running yesterday is gone. I’ll just say, it was REAL SWEET and by that I mean my calves and arches wanted to explode, but I kept going, which was maybe a bad idea?! But I didn’t injure myself, so yay!

Might need new shoes, might experiment with various arch supports, might add a lot of stretching to my daily routine, might GIVE UP FOREVER ha ha no I’m fine. Last night was definitely the hardest one so far; probably a combination of lack of sleep, too many cigarettes, and not enough water. But getting out the door was the easiest it’s been. I think I’m getting the hang of this “occasionally electing to do something challenging for 20 minutes” thing. Now I just need to multiply that by a thousand, and I’ll be a real growed-up person!

And now off to a Toastmasters “officers” gathering, because I volunteered to maintain the website. Someone please glue my hands to my knees to keep me from volunteering for shit.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME LATELY.


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