Run #6.5: Yoga I Guess?!


I had a good weekend.  I hid in a cabin with The Fam and abused my internal organs between extended naps.  Now it’s Monday, and my feels are a little like this:

This is where writing about goals becomes a useful tool for me.  Not because I’m afraid to let down my audience of 3, but because when I write down my excuses, I’m forced to recognize how absurd they are.

“Don’t try.”


“Because you didn’t try yesterday.”

Good point, guess I’ll give up forever?!

I’ma try to try.  But.  It was hard enough for me to crawl out of bed after 4 hours of pseudo-sleep. The thought of doing more than absolutely necessary today?  I don’t know, guys.

But I’ll try.


Okay, okay, so let’s say I don’t get around to running.  I could do yoga.  I could YOGA ALL THE WAY TO YOGA TOWN.

It’s one or the other.  Those are my only options.  Because, as previously covered, TOMORROW DOESN’T EXIST.

(two hours later)

okay my ass just broke, you guys, seriously, i broke my ass from sitting too much


ffffffffffffffffff this is the lamest injury EVER.

this is like getting tennis elbow from too vigorously pressing “record” during a Bridezillas marathon.

it’s been like 5 years since i’ve touched a remote and i have no idea if they even have a record button anymore, AM I OLD YET??!

i am defs going for yoga instead of running tonight, because my ass hurts

i’ve never done a full yoga workout so this might be an even worse idea


Guys, I didn’t do either thing last night.

I even spent a chunk of time considering lying to you about it.  Just doing it tonight and pretending it happened a day earlier.

But, nawp.  I just didn’t do it.  I didn’t do SHIT.  I mean, I finished watching a British supernatural drama on Netflix.  If that… counts as something?

I need to (A) not allow myself to bullshit about this, because it’s a slippery slope, and (B) get right back on the horse.  Fucking up once, or twice, or 15 times in a row, does NOT dictate my future.  Only I can do that.  Only I can choose what happens today.

My ass doesn’t hurt anymore and it’s marginally warmer, so running is happening.  I’ma go home, throw some shit in a crock pot, and run it out like a bro.  LIKE A BRO.

I don’t know what that means.  Sometimes my fingers do things and then I read them afterward?

Since this update spans 2 days and I haven’t even done anything, I’ll make my actual running update separate.  And short.  Cos ain’t nobody got time for this shit.


3 thoughts on “Run #6.5: Yoga I Guess?!

    • I’ve heard it depends super heavily on the type of yoga. Like. Even if I keep all this crap up for a year, I don’t wanna touch flow yoga.


      • I need to get out of my apartment to exercise. My daily pull-ups and push-ups are about it in terms of what I do here, maaaaybe with some foam rolling now and then. Something about physically changing the setting I’m in is what helps get me out of my head, whether it’s the gym or running around the block.

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