Runs # uhhhh 7 and 8 I think?

(Written Monday)

I made a joke recently about how I’ve built my life around the goal of not having any responsibilities, and then I realized WHOAMG THAT’S NOT A JOKE AT ALL.

Seriously.  I have, you know.  A job.  And rent to pay.  And two pet rodents that I spent over a year considering the pros and cons of getting, because, you know.  You have to feed them, and occasionally clean up their shit?  SO SCARY.

No religious or familial obligations, no friends who push me to leave the house more than quarterly, and a relationship with someone who, despite dating a human wreck, has no demands or expectations beyond monogamy.  I am basically free of everything, all the time.

No wonder something like electing to spend an hour and a half a week moving my body forward is such a freaking challenge.  I don’t try at things unless they’re required.

Wake up when I feel like it.  Go to work.  Complete the tasks I feel like completing.  Go home.  Buy guinea pig food once a month, write a check to my landlord once a month.  Accomplish these things without putting anyone’s junk near my junk.  THIS IS ALL THAT LIFE REQUIRES OF ME.

Feels weird, man.

Anyway whatever, I ran on Friday!!!!1111`12j23hj

Gonna do it again tonight!!!!!121391

I was about to start week 3 of the program before my hiatus, so I did another week 2 run.  I had no idea what to expect as far as loss of stamina, but holy crap, it was totes fine!  I may try to start week 3 tonight. I don’t know for sure, because it sounds a little terrifying to jog for 3 WHOLE MINUTES AT ONCE, but I’m telling myself that if it’s too much, I’ll finish it out like a week 2 run.

My calves didn’t even cramp up on Friday! Clearly a sign of magic.  Or the coconut water I’ve been drinking all week.

Not sure how tonight will go, with another weekend of debauchery and sleep deprivation behind me.  We’ll find out, I GUESS.

If I can find my running clothes in the dirty laundry, lulz.  Oh yeah.  There’s another responsibility. LAUNDRY.  But only if I care about how I smell, I guess.

So, I skipped out Monday.  I ran Tuesday.  The tentative new plan is to actually SCHEDULE my runs for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and do something like yoga or other muscle/stretch-based exercises at least one day a week, mostly to avoid injuries from running.

I started week 3 last night and it kicked my ASS, but I made it through.  Might have skimped on something like 30 seconds of the run time due to obstacles like street lights and friend run-ins, and I was checking the timer on my phone every 20 seconds during the run periods to see if I was ANYWHERE NEAR THE END, but I made it.  I MADE IT.

I also did ALL THE GODDAMN LAUNDRY EVER DONE BY MANKIND and accidentally forgot to put a load in the dryer at the laundromat so now there’s a pile of moist clothes in my living room but WHATEVER, STILL COUNTS.

I’m also about to start doing more work at my job because jobs and work and paychecks.

uhhhhh yeah i am neither deep nor observant today, just chillin like a villain and feeling out the slow rise in mood and productivity.  I don’t want to get cocky, I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I don’t want to stall my progress with negativity, either.  It’s like trying to catch butterflies without crushing them.


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