The Novelty of Monotony

Yesterday while I was running, on purpose, and not because I was being chased, I considered for the infinity-eth time why I never stick with any positive changes.

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Run #5.5 – Thoughts on Anger.

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with my gender.  Or, more specifically, the implications often aimed at my gender.

I’ve never questioned my gender identity.  I’ve always considered myself very much female.  But this is something I often hated about myself.  I was raised to believe that any feminine traits–strong emotions, in particular–are at best useless, and at worst, slowly ruining every part of society.

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Run #5: Jess Can’t Copy-Paste Vurr Well

I keep writing my updates in Notepad and then accidentally pasting over them.  And since Notepad only has one “undo,” it’s like NAWP, CANNOT RETRIEVE ENTRY.  We can delete and re-type the letter “A” over and over, though!  Are you into that?  Is that helpful?

“hey jess have you considered using a real text editor?” I HAVE MY REASONS, THEORETICAL FRENEMY.

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