Accidentally wrote this like a private blog. Private blog? More like FRY… VET… SMOG…?!?!?


I’m not batting a thousand today, but I keep thinking I should write, so.  HAVE SOME WORDS.  OKAY.  WE GOOD?  WE DONE HERE?

I don’t even know what “batting a thousand” means.  Like, I know it’s baseball.  I know what batting is.  Obviously you can’t literally bat one thousand times in a game, so it has to be some sort of… points… system.

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Aight.  I need to get real about some shit.  Posting this publicly scares the crap out of me, but I’m gonna try, because ya know… Accountability?  I guess?  Also I am the internet generation.  We can’t keep things to ourselves.

I’m, like.  The size I was when I was 19, right now.  And it’s weird.  It feels really weird.

It’s probably not that noticeable to other people, but.  I’m back to drowning in size 2 pants and feeling this uncomfortable excitement at the idea of maybe being a zero again.  A ZERO.  A size that shouldn’t even fucking EXIST, you guys.  I might be a zero, lol!  NEAT!

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On Accountability and Heroin

I am a hot mess.

I mean, anyone who’s met me more than once has PROBABLY FIGURED THAT OUT.  But then, I don’t let people into my apartment, and I don’t talk about my job, because there are limits to how vulnerable I can be when I’m so frighteningly aware that I am not emotionally healthy.  I have to draw those lines, because other people knowing what I am means I have to acknowledge it myself.  And, honestly, that doesn’t make it better.  It just makes me want to lock the doors even tighter.

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Looking for Love in All of Your Bases

Figured I’d title my entry about hecka outdated relationship advice with a hecka outdated internet joke.  YOU’RE WELCOME, WORLD.

I found this super great and not at all terrible article while Googling some song lyrics, and boy howdy, am I glad I did!  It’s all about how to date online, but for LADIES ONLY.  Lots of great tips to work with.  I’m gonna try it all out on my boyfriend of 3 years to see if I can retcon him into loving me.  Lord knows, all my honesty and communication has ruined it for him already, but a girl’s gotta try.

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